Talking Business#37 Interview with Tom Cornell, the Head of Assessments (APAC) at HireVue

I’ll be talking to Tom Cornell, the Head of Assessments (APAC) at HireVue about how Aussies can prepare for The Great Resignation where employees are moving away from jobs where they feel unappreciated and are instead moving toward new priorities and goals, from more money to greater control over their time in the COVID-era. And I’ll be talking to economist Saul Eslake about whether Sydney’s re-opening will have an economic impact.

The global economic recovery is losing steam as a coronavirus resurgence and supply chain disruptions hinder progress, the IMF warned.


Despite Sydney re-opening, Goldman Sachs cites many reasons to cut its economic forecasts. One is the "longer lasting virus drag on virus-sensitive consumer services." In other words, people don't feel safe.


Australian researchers are trialling a smartwatch app that can monitor a worker’s vitals and tell them if it’s OK to go to work or if they should stay home and potentially get a COVID-19 test.


 COVID-19 has accelerated the death of cheques and ATM withdrawals as pandemic restrictions change the way we pay for our goods and services

BHP says Australia can’t ignore nuclear in the race to net zero

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