Talking Business with Leon Gettler #34 Interview with Dhruv Kholi, Vice President of Growth and Strategy at Australia’s first digital supermarket Geezy Go

First, I’ll be talking to Dhruv Kohli, Vice President of Growth and Strategy at Geezy Go, Australia's first digital supermarket. And I’ll be talking to Indeed economist Callam Pickering about the latest unemployment figures

France wants to punish Australia by delaying trade deal talks

Iron ore fall hits stock markets

EverGrande s buckling under the weight of more than $300 billion in debt. Is crashing the markets! They are China's "Lehman Brothers"

Christian Porter’s resignation from the Industry portfolio has been met with criticism and frustration across the Australian technology sector, which will now be working with its eighth minister in as many years.

About $6.2 billion in JobKeeper wage subsidies were paid to businesses with more than $10 million in turnover that did not experience a minimum 30% fall in turnover in the first six months of the scheme

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