Talking Business #43 Interview with Jason Eisner co-founder of BrandQuest

Across financial markets, uncertainty surrounding the COVD-19 pandemic has led to a spike in volatility, dragging equities into bear market territory.

Business owners are being told they should set their own rules on whether customers and staff have to be vaccinated, in a message from Prime Minister Scott Morrison that takes on state premiers amid uproar in federal Parliament over vaccine mandates.

Barnaby Joyce wants to appoint the Mayor of Tamworth, Col Murray, a self-described “pretty solid Barnaby supporter”, as the next chair of Infrastructure Australia.

Missing Sydney businesswoman Melissa Caddick’s assets could soon be sold to repay more than $23 million she stole from her friends and clients.

Woodside’s proposed Scarborough development is equivalent of 15 coal-fired power plants, environment experts say

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