Talking Business #4 Interview with Matt Vitale from Birchal

The banking oligopoly looks to be entrenched. It seems that the takeover of Suncorp bank by ANZ allowed by the Competition Tribunal despite ACCC objections. Competition law in Australia is a joke.

Research undertaken by the OECD has concluded that those parts of the country with the highest level of migrants tend to have the highest productivity.

Four Corners reveals that Coles and Woolworths have been profiting from higher prices at the check-out, despite repeated assurances from the supermarket giants that they’re doing everything in their power to keep grocery bills down.

Star Entertainment is on the verge of losing a lucrative licence to operate one of two Sydney casinos after the NSW regulator launched an independent inquiry into whether the company had fixed major cultural failures.

Seven Group, headed by billionaire Kerry Stokes and his family, already owns nearly 72% of Boral, and the bid is designed to mop up the rest of the company.

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