Talking Business #39 Interview with Sonia Shwabsky from KwikKopy

 Central banks are losing the fight against inflation. The 2 Year Treasury Bond, one of the benchmarks of whether Inflation is rising or declining, has hit a 16 year high with a Yield of 5.02%.

Being rich is my superpower’ Tapes reveal cardboard mogul Anthony Pratt paying monthly retainers of $25K to Paul Keating and $8k to Tony Abbott while Prince Charles received $182,000 in 2021. Pratt also bought access to Trump.

Uber’s surge plan to bring 10,000 electric vehicles into Australia.

Barriers to women fully participating in the workforce are costing the Australian economy $128 billion.

Major proxy advisers recommend investors reject Qantas’ executive pay scheme and have demanded more details over why the board has not sanctioned the airline’s management financially over an adverse High Court ruling and its flight credits saga.

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