Talking Business #16 Interview with Dr Aengus Tran from



 Whoever wins Saturday’s federal election will face months of rising interest rates and growing household cost of living pressures, with the Reserve Bank of Australia making clear more rate rises are on the way


Goldman Sachs chairman warns risk of US recession is 'very, very high'


Coalition costings: $3.3bn in public service cuts to fund election pledges worth $2.3bn. The CPSU estimates this will cost 5,500 jobs.


Industry Super slams Morrison’s super/housing scheme. Says additional money Australians take out of super via the scheme will be gobbled up through housing price surges. Analysis shows it could hike the nation’s five major capital city median property prices by between 8-16%,


EV sales in Australia are soaring — led by the almost-ubiquitous Tesla Model 3 — and more brands and models are arriving in the market.

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