The gut–brain axis and addiction

In this special episode of Talking Techniques, brought to you from the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Forum (FENS; 9th–13th July 2022), an expert panel discuss their research into the relationship between the gut–brain axis and addiction.

The panel features Benjamin Boutrel (Lausanne University Hospital; Switzerland), Lorenzo Leggio (NIH Intramural Research Program; MD, USA) and Nathalie Delzenne (University of Louvain; Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium), who discuss their current research into the role of the microbiota in alcohol addiction, if this work could be translated into the clinic, and if similar processes are at play in other addictions, such as food and cocaine.

The discussion also features an audience Q&A, which explores the microbial relationship between mother and fetus, and social factors in addiction.

  • Introduction: 00:00–01:35
  • Introduction to panelists: 01:35–03:40
  • Techniques being used to investigate the relationship between the gut and addiction: 03:40–06:55
  • Translating this research to the clinic: 06:55–11:40
  • Parallels between alcohol addiction and other addictions, such as food, cocaine and tobacco: 11:40–17:05
  • Microorganisms as drivers of behavior: 17:05–18:30
  • The hot topic of gut health: 18:30–20:30
  • Future directions for the research, including microbiota transfers, precision medicine and avoiding alcohol dependence: 20:30–24:35
  • Audience Q&A – microbial elements between mother and fetus, and social factors in addiction: 24:35–29:15

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