The evolution of recombinant antibodies

In this episode, we discuss recombinant proteins: what are they and what are they used for?

BioTechniques Editor Tristan Free speaks to Amy Sheng, Technical Account Manager at Sino Biological, who explains the history of recombinant proteins and how protein modeling techniques such as AlphaFold are changing their development.

Find out how monoclonal antibodies have been used through the COVID-19 pandemic and how we may overcome challenges in production, upscaling and more in this episode of Talking Techniques. 

  • Introduction 00:00-01:26
  • What are recombinant proteins and what are they used for? 01:26 – 02:42
  • How were they first developed? 02:42 – 03:50
  • Since initial development has recombinant antibody development progressed today? 03:50 – 05:57
  • What are the advantages of utilizing the more traditional mouse monoclonal antibodies? 05:57 – 07:11
  • Are recombinant antibodies used in more specialist applications and are they more likely to be used in therapeutics? 07:11 – 09:47
  • How have AI systems like AlphaFold impacted the development of recombinant antibodies? 09:47 – 12:07
  • How has antibody production changed and what’s next? 12:07 – End 

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