Synthetic biology: from cancer to the climate crisis

In this episode, we explore the field of synthetic biology. Discover the history of the field and its origins in the production of biofuels, before fracking burst onto the scene forcing a pivot in direction towards chemical production. Find out about the key techniques that have brought synthetic biology into the realm of immunotherapies and cancer research, which have even welcomed in a return to applications focussed on tackling the climate crisis, such as lab-grown meat.

To investigate this space, I speak with Merrit Savener, Biopharma Technical Account Manager at Molecular Devices (CA, USA) and Adam Clore Technical Director of Synthetic Biology at Integrated DNA Technologies (IA, USA). Merrit and Adam provide their insight into the most exciting applications of synthetic biology, the regulation surrounding it, how they would wish to improve the field, revealing the true impacts that this field can deliver in addressing some of humanity's biggest issues.

  • Introduction: 00:00-02:30
  • Explaining synthetic biology: 02:30-03:45
  • Origins of synthetic biology: 03:45-05:25
  • Key current applications of synthetic biology: 05:25-07:30 
  • Key methods involved in synthetic biology: 07:20-09:30
  • Challenges in synthetic biology for product production: 09:30-12:35
  • Regulating synthetic biology: 12:35-14:55
  • What would you change to improve synthetic biology? 14355-16:55
  • Most exciting applications of molecular biology: 16:55-20:40
  • The future of synthetic biology: 20:40-22:45
  • Making electronics manufacturing more sustainable with synthetic biology: 22:45-23:15
  • Changing perceptions in synthetic biology: 23:15-25:30

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