Introducing STEM Tea

In this episode of Talking Techniques, we introduce a new podcast series, produced by BioTechnques and hosted by the enigmatic Antentor Othrell Hinton Jr, Assistant Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics at the Vanderbilt University (TN, USA), and bring you a sneak peek of the first episode of the series.

In this podcast series, Antentor will discuss all things diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM, meeting with different guests each episode from across the spectrum of fields and people in the research community. Each episode will keep science at its core, exploring each guest's research and finding out how they encourage open and productive environments in their working communities.

In episode one, dive into the discussion around mentoring practices, LatinX representation in STEM and the role that scientific societies, such as the American Society of Cell Biology, can play in the development of their members with our first guest, Christina Termini Assistant Professor at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research center (CA, USA).


Introduction: 00:00-02:40

Christina's Research in hematopoietic stem cells and cancer treatments. 02:40-05:45

Molecular regulators of the hematopoietic system: 05:45-06:20

Building mentoring networks and addressing microaggressions: 06:20-09:00

Isolation in academic spaces and countermeasures: 09:00-10:35

The community of scholars and the 1000 Black scientists lists: 10:35-17:00

What are you drinking? 17:00-17:40

Mental health in mentoring: 17:40- 20:45

The work of the American Society of Cell Biology developing mentors: 20:45-23:00

Equalling opportunities with virtual and non-traditional faculty interviews: 23:00-26:50

Building the 100 Latinx list: 26:50-29:30

Contact Tina: 29:30-31:55

Coming up on STEM Tea: 32:10-34:54

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