3D cell cultures: the latest developments, applications and regulations in the field

In this episode, supported by BrandTech, returning guest Rob Vries, CEO of HUB organoids (Utrecht, The Netherlands), fills us in on the advancement of 3D cell cultures and organoids over the last 2 years, starting off by documenting how the pandemic impacted their development and uptake.

We also discuss how the recent FDA Modernization Act, removing the requirement for drug candidates to be tested on animals, has impacted the drive for improved models, the key techniques available to analyze them and what still needs to change for 3D cell cultures to fully replace animal models in the lab.

Listen today to find out which resources can help you begin to work with 3D cell cultures, their most exciting recent applications and how issues of reproducibility are currently being addressed in the field.

  • Intro: 00:00-00:50
  • How COVID-19 impacted the uptake and development of 3D cell cultures: 00:50-02:05
  • Key developments in 3D cell culture technology in the last 2 years: 02:05-03:00
  • Intestinal organoids and the investigation of irritable bowel syndrome: 03:00-5:50
  • Evaluating assembloids: 05:50-08:35
  • Complexity vs clinical relevance: 08:35-10:45
  • The impact of 3D cell cultures in precision medicine in cancer: 10:45-12:40
  • The impact of the FDA’s Modernization Act on 3D cell culture uptake: 12:40-14:45
  • What needs to improve in organoid technologies to fully replace animal models? 14:45-16:10
  • Changing inbuilt reliance on animal models: 16:10-18:30
  • Key techniques to analyze organoids: 18:30-19:50
  • Developments in imaging technology that have improved the analysis of organoids: 19:50-21:15
  • Current challenges in 3D cell culture implementation and reproducibility: 21:15-24:15
  • Improving access to 3D cell cultures: 24:15-25:55
  • Resources to help people implement organoids into their work: 25:55-27:15
  • Searching for the holy grail in 3D cell cultures: 27:15-28:00

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