The Poofcast 67 (S4E6)

Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Adam Richard, Toby Sullivan) present The Poofcast 67 (Season 4 Episode 6) guest starring Anthony Callea and Thomas Jaspers.

Find out what Scott and Toby got up to while Adam partied away at Mardi Gras with recording superstar Anthony Callea, who is our special guest this week. (Toby could barely contain himself, it's quite embarrassing). We also catch up with another of Adam's Mardi Gras party pals, Thomas Jaspers who had a terrifying experience at a Mardi Gras underwear party. 

Keep listening after the end to hear a bizarre rant about the KONY2012 phenomenon (amongst other rubbish).

Anthony's latest music video for his song Last To Go can be found below, and it features a very special guest star...



WARNING The Poofcast contains coarse language, sexually explicit discussion and Toby's naked obsession with pop music.

The Poofcast 67 (S4E6)

The Poofcast 67 (S4E6) 128kbps Stereo


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