The Poofcast 63 (S4 E2)

Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Adam Richard, Toby Sullivan) present The Poofcast 63 (S4E2) guest-starring Ben Gerrard (ABC TV's Outland) and special guest star Wes Snelling.

Toby's confession about his inability to buy toilet paper has struck a chord with Kaine, who has written in to Dear Talking Poofy (email to express his own disgust with the necessity of human waste. Toby puts in a call to the big man upstairs to find out just why he is forced to endure such indignity on a regular basis. Wes Snelling attempts to come up with yet another ineffectual segment, this time one he doesn't actually have to participate in. We chat with Ben Gerrard, one of Adam's co-stars on Outland, about whether or not he loves either sci-fi or cock. All this, and one of the longest, distracted tangential outros we've ever recorded.

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, sexually explicit discussion and Wes Snelling's indifference.

Audio Note: Full 128kbps Stereo Poofcasts are available here at - the iTunes feed Poofcast is now 64kbps Mono.

The Poofcast 63 (S4 E2)

The Poofcast 63 (S4E1) 128kbps Stereo


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