The Poofcast 41 (S2E11)

Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Adam Richard, Toby Sullivan) present The Poofcast 41 (Season 2 Episode 11) guest-starring Em Rusciano and Paul Horan.

Dear Talking Poofy reveals some surprising results from our Talking Poofy Sex Survey (it's still online, go and skew the results for the next episode). We Interrogayt a former Australian Idol contestant, a former breakfast radio Perthonality, current 7PM Project contributor and cabaret diva, Em Rusciano.  

Grunty McFarkring has devised an even more heinous money making scheme, Is That a Thing? wonders if there is in fact such a thing as The Pink Sock and we welcome an all-new regular guest to The Poofcast in the form of Mother Paul Horan with our new segment Poofstory. Find out some shocking facts about Abraham Lincoln and his bodyguard. (Just because this new segment is vaguely educational does not mean it is bereft of hideous innuendo - ye olde filthe abounds).

Details of Em Rusciano's gigs can be found, eventually, by digging into her impenetrable blog.

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, sexually explicit discussion (including more than one reference to prolapsing colons) and childish jokes about a revered American President and his shitpipe hat.


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The Poofcast 41 (S2E11)

The Poofcast 41 (S2E11)


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