The Poofcast 40 (S2E10)

Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Adam Richard, Toby Sullivan) present The Poofcast 40 (Season 2 Episode 10) guest-starring Colin Batrouney, Geraldine Hickey and Thomas Jaspers.

A straight man writes in to Dear Talking Poofy to ask us why the ditzy drag queens on reality television have no sense of gay history, and we ask our Sexpert, Colin Batrouney, if it's important to know our history. Or Poofstory, as it were.

Scott has had a rather vicious sexual encounter that has left him questioning what kind of dirty talk is appropriate, and we call Prue Lapse to find out how she feels about brutal bedroom banter.

Geraldine Hickey's fresh lesbian odyssey continues and we tackle the question of coming out to your parents so far down the track, and Thomas Jaspers unveils one of the more obvious inspirations for his camp childhood - his flamboyant grandmother.

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, sexually explicit discussion, a lesbian coming out of the closet, inappropriate mastectomy humour and the opinions of an ageing drag queen (and like the sequins on her gowns, her opinions are tarnished).



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The Poofcast 40 (S2E10)

The Poofcast 40 (S2E10)


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