The Poofcast 38 (S2E8)


Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Adam Richard, Toby Sullivan) present The Poofcast 38 (Season 2 Episode 8) featuring guest stars Genevieve Morris and Wes Snelling.

Dear Talking Poofy dispenses medical advice when Daniel from Richmond asks us about his sore throat, and we find out just how frigid Toby really is. We strap hilarious comedian Genevieve Morris (Barbara from Bankworld, Elaine Front from the Ben Elton show and Comedy Inc) into the Interrogaytion chamber and find out just how good she is at karaoke. 

The Grunt Report finds an even grumpier Grunty MacFarkring shouting down rumours that he is not actually gay, and just bilking money out of the cumoooonity. Where's Wes? completes a trilogy of baffling adventures in South East Asia and Wes Snelling discovers cultural differences in the toilet cubicle. 

Is That a Thing? unveils another troubling sexual practice, one that Adam has first hand experience of. 

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, explicit description of sexual acts and the peculiarities of toilet cubicles in South East Asia.


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The Poofcast 38 (S2E8)

The Poofcast 38 (S2E8)


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