The Poofcast 111 (Season 7 Episode 1)

Talking Poofy present The Poofcast 111 (Season 7 Episode 1) starring Scott Brennan, Adam Richard and Toby Sullivan. Special Guest Star Wes Snelling. 

We open up the Can of Wes again and it sprays all over us. I wish he wouldn't shake them up before he brings them in. We end up talking about just what it is that we find offensive. Believe it or not, even Talking Poofy has a line that it draws. Then we tapdance on it.

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WARNING The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and several references to Trevor Ashley.

The Poofcast 111 (Season 7 Episode 1)

The Poofcast 111 (S7E1)


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