Poofcast 35 (Season 2 Ep 5) TPFM Special Edition

Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Adam Richard, Toby Sullivan) present The Poofcast 35 TPFM Special Edition.

We wonder what it would be like if we worked on commercial radio. Endless teases of stories you never hear, news and traffic that you don't really pay any attention to, attempts at humour about everyday life, embarrassing prank calls, and lots and lots of commercials. Lots of commercial. Plus, a lot of shit you've already heard. See if you can spot the new bits!

This is just like a Golden Girls episode where Rose has accidentally locked them in the basement so they have to reminisce about the funny stuff from previous episodes. Sure, there are a few new jokes, and because it's the Golden Girls, they're just as good as all the stuff in the flashbacks, but you still feel a bit ripped off, because you've seen most of it before.

WARNING: The Poofcast TPFM Special Edition contains coarse language, adult themes, explicit descriptions of sexual acts and lots of recycled crap from previous episodes.

Poofcast 35 (Season 2 Ep 5) TPFM Special Edition

Poofcast 35 (S2 E5) TPFM Special Edition


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