Zawe Ashton

Welcome to the final episode of Season 1! Robert & Russell meet leading actress, writer & director Zawe Ashton, author of new book 'Character Breakdown' and who initially came to prominence as Vod in Channel 4's Fresh Meat. We discuss Zawe's recent leading film role in art-world satire Velvet Buzzsaw (in which she starred alongside Renee Russo & Jake Gyllenhaal). We learn about artworks that Zawe has connected with over the years including photographer Deana Lawson, Andreas Gursky and Kerry James Marshall, what she learned by interviewing legendary American performance artist Lorraine O’Grady for the Tate, and we discover why she researched the art of Tracey Emin while building her art dealer character for current stage performance in Harold Pinter's Betrayal on London's West End (which will soon travel to Broadway, New York). Thank you for listening to Season 1. We will be back soon with more exciting interviews. Please message us at Instagram @talkart and let us know which episode you loved most from the first series. Thanks for listening. Art for everyone!!


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