Lena Dunham

Russell & Robert meet superstar actress, writer, director & keen watercolourist Lena Dunham in her London hotel room for a feature-length Talk Art exclusive! We discuss painting ‘en plein air’ & embracing nature in Wales this Summer, what it was like growing up as daughter of two legendary artists Laurie Simmons & Carroll Dunham and remembering New York as a child during the 1980s AIDS crisis. We learn about Lena’s favourite artists including Lisa Yuskavage, Ellen Birkenblit, Lee Krasner, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) & Lucy Jones, her childhood admiration for John Waters, Steve Martin and teen crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, working with Brad Pitt in the new Tarantino movie, her friendship with Hollywood icon Demi Moore and why she recently got new tattoos of her parent's and sibling Cyrus' names. Lena reveals her admiration for Madonna's latest album, obsession with recent British TV series Love Island, TOWIE star Gemma Collins, pop band S Club 7 and describes a recent visit to Derek Jarman’s house in Dungeoness. Note to EVERYONE everywhere - please don’t call Lena "M’Lady".... a more preferable nickname is "Lena D"!!!!

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