Rana Begum

We meet leading artist Rana Begum to discuss her new public art flag display on London's Piccadilly in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts and Art of London. We also explore her incredible current solo exhibition at The Box in Plymouth titled 'Dappled Light'.

The vibrant designs entitled No.1273 Flag are currently adorning the London skies until 20th August 2023, so make sure you visit if you're in London this month! Each flag showcases intricate geometric patterns, celebrating the multicultural fabric of the city. Rana Begum, a distinguished Royal Academician elected in December of 2019, has skilfully infused the flags with meticulously tiled mosaic patterns, symbolising unity and the diverse community of London. With her mastery of minimalist abstraction, she captures the vibrant essence of the city's world-class culture and entertainment scene, particularly in the iconic West End. Her artwork spills out onto the streets of the West End, bringing vivid colours and vibrancy along London’s iconic Piccadilly.

Part of Art of London's Summer Season, these striking designs give us a glimpse of what's in store for the city's streets. Rana Begum's designs, responding to the "Art of Entertainment" theme, reflect the liveliness and excitement of dance, music, and theatre. Her clever blend of colour and geometry captures the fluidity of movement, resulting in a rhythm that connects with passers-by.

The work of London-based artist Rana Begum distils spatial and visual experience into ordered form. Through her refined language of Minimalist abstraction, Begum blurs the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture. Her visual language draws from the urban landscape as well as geometric patterns from traditional Islamic art and architecture. Light is fundamental to her process. Begum’s works absorb and reflect varied densities of light to produce an experience for the viewer that is both temporal and sensorial. In 1999, Begum graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design and, in 2002, gained an MFA in Painting from Slade School of Fine Art. Rana Begum lives and works in London.

Follow @RanaBegumStudio @TheArtofLdn and view image of Rana's new flags at: https://artoflondon.co.uk/events/art-of-london-unveils-new-flags-by-rana-begum-on-piccadilly

and visit @TheBoxPlymouth for her current solo exhibition. @RoyalAcademyArts Summer Exhibition 2023 is open until 20thAugust, for more information visit: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/summer-exhibition-2023


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