Marianne Berenhaut

Talk Art returns for Season 7! Russell and Robert meet Marianne Berenhaut, the Belgian-born artist (b. 1934) who for almost 50 years has been gathering, curating and transforming objects found in her immediate surroundings. Her powerful yet delicate sculptures and installations address themes of longing, trauma, absence and memory. Through her vast body of work, spanning five decades, Marianne Berenhaut has created a unique and idiosyncratic visual language.

We discuss numerous artworks including her 1960s ‘Maison’ or ‘House’ sculptures and her 1970s series ‘Poupées-Poubelles’ or ‘Dustbin Dolls’ which were most recently presented within the group show Gossamer, curated by Zoe Bedeaux, at Carl Freedman Gallery in Autumn 2019. We discover why she chose to relocate to London at the age of 80 and look back to her childhood and the trauma of losing her parents and brother who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Berenhaut divides her time between Brussels and London. Having graduated the Académie du Midi and Atelier de Moeschal in the ixties, she has had various solo exhibitions in different art spaces and institutions like La Maison des Femmes (Brussels), Island Brussels, Musée Juif de Belgique (Brussels), MAC’s Grand Hornu (Belgium) as well as in Isy Brachot Gallery (Brussels), Nadja Vilenne Gallery (Liège) and Bureau des Réalités (Brussels). Marianne is part of brand new exhibition opening 3rd September - 24th October 2020 in Brussels titled ‘Lacrimae Rerum’ – Homage to Gustav Metzger, alongside Metzger, Miroslaw Balka and Latifa Echakhch. #MarianneBerenhaut #DvirGallery

This special episode was recorded in London on Sunday 5th January 2020. With thanks to Barbara Cuglietta and Dvir Gallery. Follow Marianne's via DVIR gallery on Instagram @dvir_gallery and visit their official website

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