London Hughes (Live at London Podcast Festival)

It’s the holidays... and our gift to you is the gift of laughter!!! What better way to celebrate Christmas than to chat (and laugh lots) with our dear friend LONDON HUGHES??!! London is a pioneer, rebel and renaissance woman: stand-up comedian, presenter (Alan Carr was her early mentor), podcaster (Spotify's 'London Actually'), actor ('Fleabag') and now screenwriter with a forthcoming USA TV series for NBC (which she will star in too). Discover why her childhood nickname was ‘The Young Picasso’ and why her favourite Picasso paintings are ‘Weeping Woman’, and ’La Reve’. We discuss how she came to admire the paintings of Jackson Pollock, a painting ‘Sugar Shack’ by Ernie Barnes that her family had a print of in their household as she was growing up, we learn about her father's adoption by a white family in London and why London’s least favourite art form is photography. We discuss the art of comedy, Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg, her friendship with Lenny Henry and discover many comedians also make art including Harry Hill & Noel Fielding and she introduces us to the work of pop sculptor Fred Allard and how she tried (and failed) to buy one of his sculptures. London explains why her favourite museum is the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice and her admiration for Peggy’s support of then-unknown artists!! This episode was recorded live at Kings Place for the London Podcast Festival, on Sunday 8th September 2019. Follow @thelondonhughes and visit @talkart for images of artworks discussed in this episode. Thanks for listening this year! Talk Art will return in January 2020 with Season 4.


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