Lenz Geerk (QuarARTine special episode)

Russell & Robert chat to critically acclaimed German artist Lenz Geerk. Recorded at the start of lockdown, we discuss his psychologically charged paintings that are seemingly removed from any specific time or place. Emphasizing his subjects in such a way as to draw out the hidden emotions of the human psyche, Geerk depicts people at the threshold of excitation and in the throes of exploration or emotional tension. 

We discuss his daily journey to the studio, links in his work to art history icons Morandi, Hopper & Modigliani, growing up painting Knights and football players, 1920s style & the film Call Me By Your Name, the popular computer game The Sims, his decision to fly less to help tackle climate change, the theme of food in his paintings including a painting of an apple (that Russell recently acquired), plus we discover artworks he lives with by artists like Louis Fratino and Jenna Gribbon. We learn how he gave up painting for one year after seeing Vermeer's paintings in real life, his love of Manga and comic books such as Tintin, listening to audio books of classics including Cervantes' Don Quixote and Marcel Proust, why he enjoys painting in hotel rooms, and his aim for the people in his works not to be objects and to be active and powerful and readdressing art history.

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