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Season 14 continues!! We remember the life and work of one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century: KEITH HARING!!!

We meet GIL VAZQUEZ, Executive Director and President at Keith Haring Foundation in New York, one of Haring’s closest friends, confidants and heir. We explore how Haring attracted an audience worldwide by expressing universal concepts of birth, death, love, sex and war, using a primacy of line and directness of message. Like Talk Art’s core values, Haring's work really was, and is, the embodiment of ART FOR EVERYONE!!!!! 

Gil Vazquez was one of Keith Haring's closest friends in the years prior to his tragic passing. As Ingrid Sischy documented in her 1997 article for Vanity Fair: "Gil Vazquez, a man Haring had fallen for, was often by his side. Haring and Vazquez were never lovers, because Vazquez is straight, but by all accounts their friendship gave Haring a kind of companionship he’d been longing for." Read the full article titled 'Kid Haring' here:!/selected_writing/kid-haring

The mission of the Keith Haring Foundation is to sustain, expand, and protect the legacy of Keith Haring, his art, and his ideals. The Foundation supports not-for-profit organizations that assist children, as well as organizations involved in education, prevention, and care related to AIDS.

Keith Haring (1958-1990) generously contributed his talents and resources to numerous causes. He conducted art workshops with children, created logos and posters for public service agencies, and produced murals, sculptures, and paintings to benefit health centers and disadvantaged communities. In 1989, Haring established a foundation to ensure that his philanthropic legacy would continue indefinitely.

The Keith Haring Foundation makes grants to not-for-profit groups that engage in charitable activities. In accordance with Haring’s wishes, the Foundation concentrates its giving in two areas: the support of organizations which enrich the lives of underprivileged children and the support of organizations which engage in education, prevention, and care with respect to AIDS and HIV infection.

Keith Haring additionally charged the Foundation with maintaining and protecting his artistic legacy after his death. The Foundation maintains a collection of art along with archives that facilitate historical research about the artist and the times and places in which he lived and worked. The Foundation supports arts and educational institutions by funding exhibitions, programming, and publications that serve to contextualize and illuminate Haring’s work and philosophy.

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