Katherine Bernhardt (NYC special episode)

Talk Art NEW YORK!!! Russell & Robert meet painter Katherine Bernhardt in the BIG APPLE. We discuss her early paintings of ET, growing up in St Louis, a teenage exchange trip to Portugal & Morocco that led to a love of ceramics & berber rugs, before eventually moving to Chicago & New York to study art. We explore her love of Georgia O'Keeffe, Chris Ofili, Laura Owens, Stanley Whitney & Mary Heilmann, why she started to paint Pink Panther & Garfield, her recent experiences exhibiting in Tokyo, making tiles & plates in Guadalajara and why she chose to renovate a new painting studio in Puerto Rico. We discuss her large-scale murals, furniture-making, visiting legendary artist Louise Bourgeois at her studio, painting a portrait for rapper icon Drake and her friendship with artist Brian Belott. Plus listen to the first ever Talk Art karaoke!!! View more images at KB's Instagram @KBernhardt2014 and @TalkArt.


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