Jamian Juliano-Villani (NYC special episode)

It's Talk Art's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Russell & Robert meet American painter Jamian Juliano-Villani in her Brooklyn studio to discuss topics as varied as being a noisy neighbour, Weezer's Green Album, an encyclopedic knowledge of both music & art history, watching Live Leak to stay tough, political correctness, a childhood growing up in her parents silk-screening factory printing merchandise for pop bands, her friendships with NYC artists Brian Belott, Billy Grant & Borna Sammak, her favourite artists including Mario Merz (and Arte Povera), Chilean painter Roberto Matta, Ivan Albright, Allen Jones, Walter Price and Ashley Bickerton, plus we explore her extensive & entertaining lists of potential topics for future paintings!!! Thanks to everyone who has been listening to Talk Art over the past year!! Visit Jamian at Instagram @psychojonkanoo and view images of artworks we discussed in this episode @talkart. Jamian is represented by JTT Gallery @jtt_nyc - check out our interview with JTT founder Jasmin Tsou from earlier this season! This episode was recorded in New York at the end of May 2019 while Jamian was finishing painting new works for recent solo show 'Let's Kill Nicole' for Massimo De Carlo Gallery, London.


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