Hannah Lees (National Parks x BMW Special Episode)

Welcome to this very special edition of Talk Art brought to you by "The Recharge in Nature Project", a three-year collaboration between National Parks UK and BMW. Our guest for today is the extremely talented Hannah Lees, a Margate-based artist whose art is deeply influenced by the beauty of nature, its landscapes, discarded treasures and sustainability.

Hannah's artistic vision aligns seamlessly with The Recharge in Nature Project's mission, which aims to promote nature restoration, biodiversity, wellbeing, and accessibility. This initiative seeks to improve the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in and around our National Parks, making it more convenient for visitors to use an electric car while exploring the great outdoors. In this episode we delve into Hannah's work, her personal background, and the inspiration behind her creations.

Hannah Lees’ work encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, textiles, ceramics, internet art, performance, writing, sound and video.

Lees investigates ideas of cycles: constancy and mortality; the sense that things come to an end and the potential for new beginnings.

This constancy, be it in religion, science, history or in organic matter, is visible in her practice through her attempts to make sense of and recognise traces of life.

Through appreciating this, her work is focused towards an understanding of the essential nature of the materials she uses.

Visit: https://www.hannahlees.com/

Follows @hannahjlees

Hannah Lees' solo show 'Not now not anymore' opens at Roland Ross, 11.03.23 - 29.05.23

Preview: 11.03.23 2-5pm Follow: @rolyross

To discover more about the Recharge in Nature Project, visit bmw.co.uk/NationalParks

"...Not really now, not anymore... For what does the phrase point to 

if not a fatal temporality? No now, not any more, not really. Does this 

mean that the present has eroded, disappeared - no now any more?

Are we in the time of the always-already, where the future has been 

written; in which case it is not the future not really"

p91, Mark Fisher "The Weird And The Eerie" 2016 Pub. Repeater Books, London, UK

Please join us for the opening of Not Now Not Anymore at 174-176 

Hither Green Lane where Hannah Lees will present a series of new 

tablet works that combine beach combed objects with the elements of 

mica dust and rust converted iron powder, to create a kind of alchemy, 

embedded in plaster forms that are reminiscent of ancient artefacts. 

The works alternate between exploring circularity and linearity, 

at times following a process by which objects are permanently 

transformed and reactivated as painterly abstractions.

Roland Ross | 174-176 Hither Green Lane, London SE13 6QB

By appointment only Fri-Sat 12-4pm

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