Guy J Oliver

We meet leading artist Guy J Oliver in his hometown of Margate to discuss video art and film! Guy's award-winning interdisciplinary practice employs video as well as text, painting, collage and performance.

We discuss his major film 'You Know Nothing of My Work'. This extraordinary project is a multi-chapter rumination on the cultural dilemma of the disgraced popular icon. Considering how collective, systematic failure led to cases of abuse from powerful figures in the cultural scene, this work proposes a conflict between the enjoyment of and respect for their creative work and what we now know (or at times failed to recognise) about their behaviour. Can we erase the existence of abusive yet influential figureheads, or should we acknowledge and discuss their actions alongside their work? Through a piece that uses elements of film musical and music video traditions within the form of an experimental essay, Oliver takes the pulse of society’s reaction to this fast-evolving and contentious subject. You Know Nothing of My Work was commissioned for the Jerwood/ and Film and Video Umbrella Awards 2020. See the work online at Jerwood/FVU Awards 2020: Hindsight | Online Exhibition

We also discuss 'The Year Everyone Died', a meditative video essay that looks back at the year 2016 and explores the artist’s own feelings towards the various deaths that were announced during those twelve months. 2016 appeared to have an unusually high number of well-known figures pass away, from David Bowie at the beginning of the year through to George Michael on Christmas Day and Carrie Fisher on Boxing Day followed by her mother Debbie Reynolds the day after. 

Guy was recently nominated for the Jarman Award 2021. Inspired by Derek Jarman, the Jarman Award recognises and supports artists working with moving image and celebrates the spirit of experimentation, imagination and innovation in the work of artist filmmakers in the UK. In July 2022, Film London announced Guy was one of its Lodestars 2022, the annual list honouring innovative UK-based creators and practitioners to watch.

We also discuss Quench, a project space and gallery in Margate, Kent run by artists Lindsey Mendick and Guy Oliver. Quench was created in the pandemic with the aim of giving artists and curators an opportunity to develop new work and put on exhibitions. We are a not-for-profit venture and all possible art sales and proceeds go directly to the artists. We will also be housing one-off events within the gallery such as screenings and performances, as well as, pop-up opportunities for local practitioners.

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