Doron Langberg (QuarARTine special episode)

Russell and Robert meet artist Doron Langberg, an Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based painter. Langberg paints in the style of genre painting and portraiture, addressing issues of gender and sexuality creating a shared experience of love and desire through the surface and subjects of his paintings. Langberg paints large-scale portraits of family, close friends and lovers. These visualizations of queerness—both his own and those of the many queer subjects depicted—move beyond the traditional shorthand of signs and easily recognizable queer iconographies. Instead, Langberg contextualizes queer sexuality and intimacy within larger narratives of everyday life. Follow @DoronLangberg on Instagram and Yossi Milo Gallery @YossiMilo. For all images discussed today visit @TalkArt and check out our new Twitter is @TalkArtPodcast Thanks for listening!!!

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