Cassi Namoda

Season 7 continues!!! For episode 2, Russell & Robert chat to Cassi Namoda (b. 1988, Maputo, Mozambique), a painter and performance artist who explores the intricacies of social dynamics and mixed cultural and racial identity. Capturing scenes of everyday life, from mundane moments to life-changing events, Namoda paints a vibrant and nuanced portrait of post-colonial Mozambique within an increasingly globalised world. Namoda is interested in conveying the dualities between sacrifice, pain and happiness in her social and familial networks, an acceptance of the balance between suffering and joy which she perceives as fundamental to her community’s way of life. Her paintings portray the importance of family, the remnants of colonial control and the physical fatigue of working life as narrative vignettes, inspired by her studies in film and literature.

This special episode was recorded online during lockdown on Tuesday 9th June 2020. We explore themes within Cassi's forthcoming solo exhibition at Goodman Gallery, South Africa and her other recent show for Nina Johnson gallery in Miami.

Special thanks to Nina Johnson Gallery and Joanna Stella-Sawicka & Justin Davy at Goodman Gallery. Follow Cassi's via artworks on Instagram @cass_amandaa and visit her page at Goodman Gallery's official website

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