Anthea Hamilton

Robert & Russell meet leading British artist Anthea Hamilton, best known for creating strange and surreal artworks and large-scale installations. Recorded on 5th January 2020 at Spiritland, Kings Cross.

We discuss the experience of being a Turner Prize nominee, meeting Gaetano Pesce the Italian architect and design pioneer, working with curator Ruba Katrib from New York’s Sculpture Center and the important power of a “yes”. We explore her image archive, often printed-out images including Moschino fashion designs that inspired her iconic 'brick suits', the collaborations & editions made for Studio Voltaire’s House of Voltaire shop.

We consider the benefits of being a geek, the influence of Kabuki theatre, collaborating with fashion designer Jonathan Anderson at Loewe and curator Linsey Young for ‘The Squash’ Duveen commission at Tate Britain, and her earlier performance based on mime at Serpentine. We learn about Anthea’s interest in film making, how she came to work with oat and rice cakes and sushi nori/seaweed within his sculptures, teaching at Open School East in Margate, working with images of Karl Lagerfeld and John Travolta and a key early film she made of herself singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ slowed down and its inclusion in a group show curated by Sonya Boyce at Tate when she was 19.

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