Ana Benaroya (QuarARTine special episode)

Season 6 continues! Russell & Robert chat to emerging artist Ana Benaroya from her studio in Jersey City, New Jersey. Recorded remotely on 19th April 2020 during lockdown, we are massive fans of Ana's paintings!!!

We discuss her early career as an illustrator, her love of cartoons, her passion for drawing, identifying with male characters in 80s/90s movies growing up and how she developed studies of the human body, in her early paintings of male physicality and how her focus has recently shifted to representing women’s bodies, particularly women in positions of power, muscularity, the influence of superheroes, bodily fluids, and smoke. We explore queerness, her passion for music especially opera and classical but also YES... the one and only, Celine Dion!!! We learn about Ana’s recent sport influenced paintings including use of multi-colours to project deep emotions, her admiration for painters such as Tom of Finland, Carroll Dunham, Peter Saul, Nicole Eisenman, Dana Schutz, Henry Taylor, Robert Cole Scott, Artemisia Gentileschi, the Chicago Imagists like Jim Nutt, Gladys Nillson, Karl Wirsum and the artists she studied with such as Rebecca Ness, Blair Whiteford and Dominic Chambers. Finally, we find out why her dream is to one day exhibit at the Met museum!!

Ana’s forthcoming solo exhibition will open this Autumn in Chelsea, New York at Ross + Kramer gallery. Ana's current joint show with Peter Saul 'Summer-Upon-Summer-Love' is on display in their East Hampton gallery.

Follow @anabenaroya on Instagram and view images at her gallery too @rosskramergallery. For images of all artworks discussed in this episode visit @TalkArt. We've just joined Twitter too @TalkArt. If you've enjoyed this episode PLEASE leave us your feedback and maybe 5 stars if we're worthy in the Apple Podcast store. Thank you for listening to Talk Art, we will be back very soon. For all requests, please email


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