Talk Heathen 05.08 02-21-2021 with Eric Murphy and Denis Loubet

Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Eric Murphy is joined by Denis Loubet. Denis is a longtime friend of the ACA and one of the original hosts of the Non-Prophets. Denis has one of the best voices out there. We are so glad you’re joining us today, it should be a good show!
Let’s get to calls! Alejandro from California would like to talk about the definition of Atheism and how to discern if newer atheists think differently than older atheists. He goes on to say new atheism is less of an argument and more of a condition of thought and a movement. But atheism isn’t a new thing? (This guy is NOT CC btw.)
“Bobby” (aka Charismatic Catholic) in Texas is up next, he wants to prove how Catholicism is true. Oh is it now? What exactly makes Catholicism more believable than all the other Christian religions? I have time, I can wait. What’s this about the fine tuned argument?
Deborah in Oregon is having a bit of a crisis and would like to know our perspective on it. How can there be a God when children are abused on his watch? Eric responds, “We live in a universe and in a world that is naturally not just. Human hands solve human problems.” You are not an NPC in someone else’s story Deborah!
Jonathan in Arizona is wanting to talk about if secular morality is objective or subjective. Short answer is: Yes it is. But is there an intrinsic morality to the universe? TRIGGER WARNING with this call, he asks if child abuse is moral or immoral. Ooof this guy, he is trying to use emotional appeal to try to also prove a deity.
GA in Texas wants to talk about their God belief. They’ve had visions all their life and weren't raised religious. How do we know these visions are real though? GA, please go get professional help, two nerds on the internet aren’t equipped for this.
Ed in Arizona wants to share his experience he has had, he’s been a lifelong believer and opposed to Atheism. His son helped convince him that Atheism isn’t so bad. Eric responds “We can work together (with believers) to build a better world.”
That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area and wear your mask when you’re out and about. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!