Matthew McConaughey: Just Keep Livin

Matthew McConaughey just keeps livin. In his new memoir, Greenlights, you hear how. Through the trials and tribulations, speed-bumps and roadblocks, the Oscar-winning actor has remained unwaveringly optimistic and full-hearted. Today he joins us to share selected scenes from his life, on-screen and off. We start with the whirlwind year of 1992 (3:15) before moving into lessons learned from the late Joel Schumacher (13:02) and his idol, Paul Newman (18:07). He also candidly reflects on his rom-com decade (28:34), how his parents' on-again, off-again marriage impacted him (34:17), the McConaissance, from Mud to True Detective to Killer Joe (40:05). Then, before we go, he shares his hopes for the future–his and ours both (51:00). 


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