A Case for Human Decency (by Rutger Bregman)

Dutch historian and philosopher Rutger Bregman joins us this week to unpack his latest book, “Humankind: A Hopeful History”. We discuss his radical idea that “most people are decent” (4:30), the trickle-down cynicism created by capitalism (7:51), why evil is more powerful than good (15:30), the toxicity of cable news (19:00), the failures of American policing and prisons (23:22), his infamous Davos takedown (29:04), the historic (and scientific) case for human generosity (37:43), his ungenerous public spat with Tucker Carlson (42:00), a new wave of progressivism on the left (50:20) and the cost of comfort (53:14). Then, with the election around the corner, we walk through his Ten Rules to Live By (59:02).


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