Tales to Terrify 477 Paul Dicken David Sandwich Eric Fomley

Welcome to Episode 477. This week we stick around Niagara to visit an old fort and the many ‘residents’ that call it home. For fiction, we have three tales, about a monster on the loose, a tense breakfast, and a delivery driver’s run-in with someone eager to buy his cargo.


Good Evening: Submissions, Thank-yous: 00:01:06

Dark Travels: Fort George, Ontario: 00:04:46

Paul Dicken’s Scratch, Scratch, Scratch as read by Evan Morgenstern: 00:19:46

David Sandwich’s Breakfast at the Mortimers’ as read by David Darke: 00:24:30

Eric Fomley’s The Bodybuilder’s Club as read by Anthony Babington: 00:33:40


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