Tales to Terrify 586 Jacob Steven Mohr, Lyndsey Croal & Mike Thorn

Welcome to episode 586. We have three tales for you this week. First, when Apollo 11 lands on the moon, it’s not only those on Earth that watch with keen interest. Then, a woman exorcises her hatred for the rose garden her husband planted for her. Finally, a malicious app finds its way onto a man’s phone with dire consequences.


Good Evening: Reminders, Thank-you: 00:01:06

Jacob Steven Mohr’s The Dear Darling Things as read by Alexandra Elroy: 00:04:17

Lyndsey Croal’s I Never Wanted a Rose Garden as read by SL Albert: 00:17:53

Mike Thorn’s Erosion as read by Jesse Holt: 00:27:19


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