Tales to Terrify 583 Ai Jiang, Brooke Brannon & Elizabeth Broadbent

Welcome to our final episode of Women in Horror Month. First, we meet Nichelle Giraldes and her upcoming novel, “No Child of Mine.” Then, we have three tales. A woman’s anxiety manifests in an unnerving way. A man seeks to justify the murder of his wife’s lover. And a man who learns that, in his small town, blood means everything.


Good Evening: Flash Contest, Thank You: 00:01:06

Women in Horror Month – Nichelle Giraldes: 00:04:25

Ai Jiang’s Dancing with Etta as read by Amy Paonessa: 00:09:24

Brooke Brannon’s Little Sister as read by Andrew Gibson: 00:22:43

Elizabeth Broadbent’s For Thine is the Kingdom as read by Seth Williams: 00:29:09


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