Tales to Terrify 579 Laura Nettles & Amanda Cecelia Lang

Welcome to week 1 of Women in Horror Month. Fiction Editor Meredith Morgenstern kicks us off with an intro to writer Hadeer Elsbai, followed by a pair of tales. First, pain and suffering coalesce into something much darker. Then, when holes appear in the yard of their recently inherited mansion, a man’s concern for his wife takes on a life of its own.


Good Evening: Ghost River, Flash Contest: 00:01:06

Women in Horror Month – Hadeer Elsbai: 00:05:20

Laura Nettles’ Monster of Calumnia as read by Colin Duncan: 00:10:46

Amanda Cecelia Lang’s On Their Hands as read by Seth Williams: 00:18:37


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Flash Contest – Changing Seasons

Andrew Gibson | Ghost River by Chad Ryan on Audible

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