Tales to Terrify 189 Preston Chapman

Coming Up

Good evening: 00:39

M. J. Preston’s Coutin Paces as read by Geoffrey Welchman: 03:48

Jeff Chapman’s Shafts to Hell as ready by Logan Waterman: 22:46

Angela Slatter’s Bluebeard as read by Ryan Stahl: 33:02

Pleasant Dreams: 57:06

Pertinent Links

Barry Yeoman’s Murder on the Mountain: http://barryyeoman.com/1996/11/murder-on-the-mountain/

M. J. Preson: http://mjpreston.net/

Geoffrey Welchman: http://www.geoffreywelchman.com/

Jeff Chapman: http://jeffchapmanwriter.blogspot.com

Angela Slatter: http://www.angelaslatter.comacast.com/privacy