Tales to Terrify 336 Sean Mulroy Chris Barnham

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Good Evening: 00:40

Sean Mulroy's One More Arabian Night (Tales To Terrify Original) as read by Kaushik Narasimhan: 07:11

Chris Barnham's Looking After Shaun (Devolution Z, February 2016) as read by Matt Dovey: 21:13

Pleasant Dreams: 43:58

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Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City: http://eriklarsonbooks.com/the-books/the-devil-in-the-white-city/

Chris Barnham: http://www.chrisbarnhambooks.com/

Chris Barnham's Fifty One @ Amazon: http://a.co/6dGAwho

Chris Barnham's Among the Living @ Amazon: http://a.co/7je0sHr

Matt Dovey: https://mattdovey.com/

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