Episode 23: Nadir Nahdi

Nadir Nahdi is the founder and creator of BENI, an online project highlighting the stories of young people from diverse backgrounds with the aim of reclaiming the misrepresented narrative they face from mainstream media. He found online fame through his viral YouTube video "Happy British Muslims!" in 2014 and was swiftly chosen to be part of the YouTube Creators for Change fellowship program, as well as YouTube’s Internet Citizens program. He also founded the BENI run club a space for people from different cultures and religions to feel comfortable running, which recently received the global tick of approval, the much coveted Nike sponsorship. Here’s our interview with Nadir recorded in 2019 during our writers retreat in collaboration with the BBC Writers Room.

This episode is dedicated to Nadir's father Fuad Nahdi who passed away on 21st March 2020 - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/01/fuad-nahdi-obituary




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