Episode 10: Adrian Bliss

Adrian Bliss is a film-maker and writer who produces satirical videos about being a YouTuber on his eponymous channel, launched in 2014.

His mockumentary series Vlogvember and Vlune, followed the journey of Adrian Bliss, an online persona of the man himself, showing Adrian’s quest to get millions of followers on YouTube. Deep down the series reveals that Adrian just wants to be loved and accepted, but sometimes he makes questionable decisions that test his integrity and moral compass along the way.

Originally from Hertfordshire, Adrian started working in film ahead of his A-Levels. He has been a camera operator, editor and director of photography whilst regularly collaborating with online talent such as Jack Harries, Caspar Lee and Will Darbyshire. We were really keen to sit down with him during our writer's retreat with the BBC Writer's Room and pick his brilliant brain on what it’s like being the real Adrian Bliss.



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