Episode 5 With Hessie Coleman

In this episode of The Talent-Ed Podcast, host Sophie Rigby, Business Development Director at Chapter 2, virtually sits down with Hessie Coleman, Vice President of People at SEDNA Systems.Throughout the episode, Sophie and Hessie discuss SEDNA’s ultimate business goal: to reinvent the outdated use of email. By creating a unified workspace designed for focus and productivity, fostering more efficient communication, enriched collaboration, and smarter workflows across organisations, SEDNA are reimagining email from the ground-up.Founded in 2017, their business has gone from strength-to-strength, doubling in size over the last four years. Having employees in ten countries around the world, Hessie explains how SEDNA’s staff will always have time for each other, despite some necessary moments of asynchronous communication. With no set business values, but a strong company culture, SEDNA operates under the principles of their employees’ description of their organisation - highly collaborative, passionate people who are results-orientated, and always people-first team players.

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