The Recording Academy®: Growth for the GRAMMYs®

The Recording Academy® goes beyond the GRAMMYs®, investing in its artists, community, and employees. Shonda Grant, Chief People & Culture Officer, recounts how the Recording Academy adapted to the pandemic, partnered with nonprofit organizations and artists, and invested in employee development and leadership training. Grant oversees the Recording Academy’s talent acquisition, organizational development, compensation, and employee safety and well-being; she also serves as the executive coach to the senior management team. 


Some Questions Asked:

  • What new skills did leadership adopt during the pandemic? 17:33
  • What is the MusiCares program and how did it help artists thrive in 2020? 20:39
  • How did the Recording Academy assess compensation for roles that became remote? 14:30


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How the Recording Academy® attracts and retains employees. 
  • About the transparency that encourages internal hires.
  • How the GRAMMY® Museum invests in potential industry talent.


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