Suzy: Challenging HR Directly

Suzy is a leading global consumer insights platform that integrates quantitative and qualitative research with high-quality audience insights into a single connected research cloud. In this episode of The Talent Economy podcast, Anthony Onesto, Suzy’s Chief People Officer, speaks with Toptal’s Chief People Officer, Michelle Labbe.

Some Questions Asked:

  • How do you incorporate the book Radical Candor into Suzy’s cultural philosophy? 6:42
  • What is the importance in challenging directly and allowing for contrarian ideas? 10:21
  • How does Suzy support employees who have a side hustle? 15:45


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Onesto decided to implement Radical Candor into Suzy’s culture.
  • How Onesto came up with the idea for his comic series, “Ella the Engineer.”
  • How Suzy is using data and analytics in the benefits space.



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