MarketWise: The Future Is Flexible

The constant change in the financial market may be challenging to keep on top of, which is why MarketWise partners with researchers to better inform self-directed investors. Change also comes from within, as MarketWise’s mergers and acquisitions strategy has grown the company from just under 300 employees in 2017 to more than 800 currently. CHRO Cynthia Cherry talks about how MarketWise attracts and retains top talent and the importance of a healthy culture.

Cherry became the CHRO at MarketWise in 2018 and built its human resources function. Her HR strategy focuses on employee relations and talent acquisition. 

Some Questions Asked:

  • How does MarketWise approach mergers and acquisitions? 6:33
  • How does MarketWise blend its culture with that of newly acquired companies? 16:26
  • What does MarketWise do to recognize and listen to talent? 22:55


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Cynthia remained at Ober Kaler for 18 years.
  • How MarketWise engages talent in a competitive market.
  • About the strategies MarketWise uses to express appreciation for employees.


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