Investing in New Beginnings

How does the country’s largest supermarket chain manage more than 400,000 employees across the country? Tim Massa, Senior VP and Chief People Officer of Kroger, dives into the company’s comprehensive programs for employee engagement, such as diversity training, environmental volunteer opportunities, and leadership conferences.

Tim Massa has more than 30 years of HR experience—20 of it with Procter & Gamble. Massa worked for P&G in several cities across the US before completing an international assignment in Poland. He eventually joined Kroger in 2010 as the Corporate VP of Human Resources, and in 2014, became Kroger’s Senior VP and CPO. 


Some Questions Asked:

  • How did Kroger address mental health concerns after the tragic events that occurred in their stores and factories? 13:06
  • How have CSR and ESG efforts affected your ability to attract and retain talent? 7:10
  • How did you manage leadership among globally diverse workforces? 5:22


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Kroger retains diverse talent by investing in employees’ education.
  • How corporations foster a unified culture among leaders from different regions.
  • How Kroger’s diversity programs train staff to create an inclusive work culture. 


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