Gamifying the Workplace

It’s all fun and games and work at Amazon Games—thanks to their Chief of Staff, Liz Egol. The video game company maintains employee satisfaction by weaving gaming throughout its culture, and it makes an impact, as Egol’s onboarding efforts boast a 78% satisfaction rate. She began her career with Amazon in 2007, then joined Amazon Games in 2020. Egol wields empathy, authenticity, and flexibility to produce a collaborative and satisfying work environment.


Some Questions Asked:

  • Do you need to be a serious gamer to work in the games industry? 6:52
  • How does Amazon use video games to connect the team internally? 14:24
  • What are you and the talent acquisition team doing to stand out from some of the more seasoned competitors to attract and retain talent? 18:37

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Amazon developed an effective, gamified onboarding program.
  • About the five ways companies can show appreciation for—and retain—employees.
  • About the work culture at a gaming studio within a larger corporation.


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